I had interpreted this piece to be a comment on the useless noise that most billboards are, so I asked Zoe about the meaning behind it:

"Albeit pasted "illegally" I try not to make my work "political" in the sense of being didactic or having an specifically intended meaning. In fact I work really hard to make that not happen. because i dont trust politics or slogans, which all get corrupted or put in the service of simpler concepts. I like for my work to have holes in its meanings, and grey areas, to be elusive.

For sometime i've been making work about the futility of text and the written word. In our culture people are struggling to have their words mean something. Words like love, hope, war, joy are overused and dead words for all sorts of reasons.
I wanted to make a work about this so i chose lorem ipsum
[the fake Latin designers use to mock up designs]. Hopefully in writing nothing i might mean something instead of saying something and have it mean nothing, or lose its meaning, or have its meaning be appropriated or misinterpreted.
I feel like its not esoteric however because anyone can google "lorem ipsum" and find out what its about."

artist: Zoe McCloskey
location: Chicago

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