French artist Zilda pasted this beautiful piece in Rome, of local hero Toto. also note the Eazy-E stencil to the left

Jessica at RomePhotoBlog sent this to me, with the note:
"it is of Toto', a very famous Italian comedic actor who did a lot of films with director Alberto Sordi in the post WWII era. You'll find still frames from his movies in restaurants all over the city so it's an immediately recognizable thing for people here."

update - from Zilda:
"This urban installation's project is called « Io sono una forza del passato ». It deals with characters borrowed from neo-realistic (but not only) italian cinema's marginality like De Sica, Pasolini or Fellini's movies."

artist: Zilda
location: Rome

pc: romephotoblog - thank you!

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