French artist Zilda's wonderful project, 'Io sono una forza del passato' ('I am a force of the past'), places figures from classic Roman cinema of the '50s & '60s in rome. as movie characters they are part of romans' collective history; through Zilda's work they are brought into modern life.

The characters are all hand-painted, and then located carefully:
"it is essential to know the social and architectural stratification of a city, to get familiar with its streets, its quarters and to view that urban setting as a constraint that stimulates the staging of my ideas. “Spotting the city” amounts to approaching it like an open-air museum where each wall constitutes a hypothetic painting, a backdrop already developing its own aesthetics and organization of colors and materials.".

Zilda then takes photos of each piece, using the photos as a 'fixer', "immortalizing a set of works doomed to disappear, while they still make sense."

artist: Zilda
location: Rome, Italy

thanks to Jessica at romephotoblog for turning me onto Zilda

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