From Tiptoe:
"This is the third piece composed of a heart being held by two hands. The first one was call "With a heavy sigh"; the second was "The heaviest stone to carry"; this one this referred to as "Get a Rhythm".

"This piece has become a symbol for many things in my life. The Rhythm of life is something you can let happen to you or it is something you can manifest yourself. The hands simultaneously offer the heart to the world and protect the heart from the world. The hands could be providing the heart with a rhythm or exposing the heart to the rhythm of the outside, the world, the street...
... to a new place where it can take energy from.

"The piece will be working hand in hand (no pun intended) with my trip. Brooklyn was my first stop on a World Tour that I have been planning for a while now. I leave New York today and will be moving on to new things."

artist: Tiptoe
location: Brooklyn, NYC

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