Recently 'The Cool Hunter' did a post on 'Why street art matters'.

I figured I'd like the post; it turns out I hate it, for a lot of reasons.
Here are a few:
- it was clearly sourced from an unurth post, but there's no credit to unurth

- the street art it uses to illustrate the post is by Todd Lown, but there's no credit to Todd Lown

- it includes photos by William Anthony Photography but there's no credit to William Anthony

- William Anthony watermarks were removed, and replaced with The Cool Hunter watermarks

- It made no mention of the great organizations that made that wall happen, the 46th St. Mural Project, and ArtWorks, which got at-risk kids involved in painting

- The Cool Hunter used the post to advertise its 'creative ideas' agency to get walls painted; evidently an agency that needs a little help from others' ideas

I don't care that much about a post being ripped off without credit; to some extent it's the way of the internet. I feel bad for William Anthony, Todd Lown, 46th St Mural Project and ArtWorks. But most of all what makes me sad is that this is indicative of people opportunistically looking to make money from the street art scene, without contributing or even respecting it in any way.

So please, if you're looking to get a wall painted contact a great artist, not a 'creative ideas agency' peddling 'cool'.

© unurth