Steve Powers/ ESPO, with the help of 'the youth of West Philadelphia' is painting a love letter through Philadelphia (from 63rd to 45th) via huge signs. Follow the project on the 'A Love Letter' blog:

"A Love Letter meant for one but with meaning for all."

"After I stopped writing my name on stuff, I made a lateral move into sign painting. The materials were essentially the same, (enamel on metal), the colors were similar,( bold and garish are best) but the effect was totally different. When you paint graffiti, you are an outsider that is broadcasting your signal to the center of the community. When you paint a sign, you are broadcasting from the center of the community to the periphery. Graffiti is a youth testing out a microphone, Signs speak into the mike eloquently and with authority."

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artist: Steve Powers / ESPO
location: Philadelphia

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