Short story:
Shark Toof is a great LA-based street artist (see previous Shark Toof posts here); he's pasted this poster around town recently, and it has been featured in a show at Gallery 1988.

Longer story:
There's a 'street artist' called White Mike who pasted shark posters around LA, Washington DC and a bunch of other cities. White Mike said the posters were part of an awareness campaign for shark population declines. There was an amusing episode where Jessica Alba was caught pasting with him in Oklahoma City. Then speculation started that White Mike is really Hollywood photographer Michael Muller, and the campaign is less about awareness of shark population declines, and more about selling over-priced prints which are for sale for $10,000 - no mention of a donation to shark protection. It's interesting that an established fashion photographer would turn to street art, rather than a gallery or other traditional means to help boost his career.

So Shark Toof's image is a parody of White Mike & Jessica Alba getting chopped up, Chainsaw Massacre-style. The pasteup in the second image is over one of White Mike's sharks; Shark Toof reclaims his turf.

artist: Shark Toof
location: West Hollywood, Los Angeles

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