"This billboard is located in new york on 10th ave and 23rd. Every time they change the billboard I also do another tape sculpture on top of it. I started about a year ago when this billboard was blank.

Sculptures take about ten minutes on average. The rush of being able to create giant geometric forms in a tiny amount of time, with no material is quite a rush. I am always working to refine the process in terms of the speed.

I have my base form. Which is the form on the billboards. This is the foundational concept. Suspended animation. I let myself run wild within the context of exploring new forms that come from the fear and tension of the moment. Say I am standing on top of some very high place. Or there are police driving by. This gives a rush. And to have to practice the invisibility exercise and concentrate on the creative process while putting giant pieces of tape down is a wonderful exercise."

A tape sculpture that covers 23rd street between 7th and 8th avenue. The tape is faint at either end but stretched across the street on the intersection of 7th and 8th avenue. All the light posts on this block are connected by single pieces of tape. Suspended about 25 feet in the air all the nyc traffic passing underneath. Zig zagging back and forth like life. Or civilization. Or the universe. Or, on and on with parallels.

artist: Sam Bassett
location: NYC

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