RQM: 5 words to describe yourself..
REMED: will, heart, hope, creation, alive.
RQM: For the sleepers - what is a REMED?
REMED: Something made to cure someone.
RQM: mp3 or vinyl?
REMED: It doesn't matter if there s a vibe I feel.
RQM: Can of paint or a roller?
REMED: Whatever.
RQM: Inter or national?
REMED: Universal
RQM: What s the idea behind this COLORS FADE piece?
REMED: So....the idea for this COLORS FADE piece...it came out after long talks with RQM about his songs and words....the idea is to tell the story of a human relation through love. Contrast, intensity, explosion, and the seed of the next contrast. So the painting is a chain of events in the love of two people. So in the painting u have at first the meeting of one man and one woman, both ready to meet and create love, or passion more than love...then after the meeting, the intensity of their will to share their life and love leads to the fusion of their soul and body creating a two headed one bodied character...love around them...but then the tension is getting high, too strong, the lightening comes to change the colors...and the body and soul split because of some inevitable choices to preserve the essence of these two souls afraid of losing themselves, afraid of becoming something diferent..but then the final step is when the man transfers his pain to the tree and gets some light back straight to his head...further on, there s part of the body of a woman, he don't know if her face will be the same or not, cause she's kind of hidden, she's here anyway, and there's an intense red way reaching a new door to open..he'll sure be able to give his heart again somewhere over there.
RQM: Do you think that all colors have to fade eventually?
REMED: It s proven that colors don't exist...they are just a reflection of some light. It s perception transforming light into color...so colors don't fade ever, they just change from one color to another, and if the ultimate change of a color happens, it would just become what it was originally...light. Light remains 4 ever.
RQM: What s the best way of preserving a color?
REMED: Stare at it as long as u can so that u'll remember the feeling u had while looking at it.
RQM: Is there such a thing as a REMED color scheme?
REMED: I don't know if I understand, but about me, I like saturated colors cause they are close to their truth...they are light-full, but I like to mix them with black which is the absence of light, or white which is the pure light...and sometimes grey which is the inbetween and reveal them better.
RQM: Will you be at the opening on the 23rd?
REMED: Yes my friend
RQM: This colors fade piece is made up of  86 7" records right? what will happen with the remaining 14?
REMED: Don't know....we'll find something...

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