Stockholm - painted in minus 70 degrees Fahrenheit.


Painted in the subway station of Hornstull-Stockholm.
“Inside the station I made an installation named 'Fragmentation' on invitation of Scarlett Gallery and the 100House; thank you very much to Ola, Nick, Niklas & Peter!”

Images animated by Circusgonzo.

The Malt Tower, Hasselt, Belgium
The blue owl on the left is by Resto.
Thanks to Kurt from Streetart BE.

Buxton Street/ Bricklane, London

Shoreditch, London

Richmond, Virginia; The Richmond Mural Project

Richmond, Virginia; The Richmond Mural Project

Katowice Street Art Festival, Poland

Anatomical detail of swallow; Poland. Image by Kalevkevad.

Vienna, Austria. Thanks to Nick and Nathie from Inoperable.

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artist: ROA
locations: Stockholm, Sweden; Hasselt, Belgium; London; Richmond, Virginia; Katowice, Poland; Vienna, Austria.

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