Nuart, the annual street art festival held in Stravanger, Norway, is about to kick off. This year's theme is Brooklyn & NYC artists; some of those participating include Swoon, David Choe, Brad Downey, Judith Supine, Leon Reid IV/ Darius Jones, Chris Stain, Logan Hicks, Skewville ... and more. I'll feature the work as it comes.

The daily program list has just been announced (see below), which kicks off with a presentation from Leon Reid IV/ Darius Jones (of Darius & Downey fame). For a flavor of how great that will be, check out this talk he gave recently (annoyingly chopped into 5 short segments - the first is below):

See parts two, three, four & five.

Nuart schedule:
- Thursday Aug 27th Kl 1500 : Leon Reid IV. Artist Presentation and Q&A
- Wednesday Sept 02nd Kl 1500 : Chris Stain. Artist presentation and Q&A
- Tuesday Sept 08th Kl 1500: Brad Downey. Artist presentation and Q&A plus screening of Public Discourse. *note, at SF Kino
- Friday Sept 11thKl 1500: Logan Hicks. Artist presentation and Q&A
- Saturday Sept 12th Kl 13-17 : Brad Downey - Practical workshop with Brad, learn how to vandalise stuff cleverly, held at Kunstskolen

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