"last week I finished up a spraycan mural in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver BC with local painter Jordan Bent, alley wall of a performing arts cooperative studio.

the alley we were working in is going through some massive changes these days, lots of rapid economic development and loss of affordable creative space (the olympics just happened here last month and the whole city was trampled by the spectacle for the rich). crazy times in van city. glad to have a chance to throw up some relevant new work in the midst of the changes..

we painted crows on account of, every morning and every night in this city, thousands of crows fly in, then back out of the downtown area, a huge murder of crows that are a familiar symbol to all the east vancouver community. its as reliable as the sun rises and sets. they look out over our city. payin' our respect to the birds."

artists: L. Basil McMahon + Jordan Bent
location: Vancouver, BC

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