'On the art of self promotion'; placed alongside a crowd of tags

Jerm IX & Ninja IX, alongside a 'Confession column' and Andrew01 portraits

Last weekend I had the pleasure of being shown around Vancouver's street art scene by partners Jerm IX & Ninja IX. Vancouver street art seems to be in good health right now; particularly around Mt Pleasant, Downtown Eastside & Gastown. There's also a lot of active artists with diverse styles, and a lot of subtlety that you could miss - one example is the perfect circle in the second to last image above, which appears all over town.

I'll post some more great work that we came across in the coming days, but I wanted to start with Jerm & Ninja's work, which I liked before, but it was great to see it in context and hear how locations are chosen to highlight, contrast or complement the text.

artists: Jerm IX + Ninja IX
location: Vancouver, Canada

see older work by Jerm IX here

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