"I shot portraits of 600 girls and staff at Havergal College in Toronto, focusing on their eyes. The idea to create a tree out of the images came about from a short brainstorm session with students in the art club. They were interested in ideas of representing the school population as a whole and giving a nod to where the school is physically located – amongst a beautifully landscaped tree filled acreage. As much of my work deals with inclusion and I like breaking down ideas to their simplest form, the idea to create a tree using the girls eyes seemed to make complete sense and satisfied everyone’s various interests in the project.

600 participants x 2 eyes each x 3 copies of each eye = 3600 eyes total, or close to it

The Tree is approximately 15' High x 14.5' Wide

I would like to thank Carolyn MacDonald, The Art Club and everyone at Havergal who participated in the project."

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artist: Fauxreel
location: Toronto

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