Armsrock has been working on this mural as part of the 'Aktion Auktion' project, which aims to raise money for Iraqi refugees that are being deported from Denmark.

"Despite massive public demand to grant the Iraqi refugees humanitarian residence permits the danish government has chosen to start the deportations of the refugees arrested in Brorsons church in august.
Last week 22 Iraqis were deported, five of whom were, instantly upon arriving in bagdad, arrested by the iraqi authorities, their current whereabouts are now unknown. The rest of the deported are left with nearly no money, no connections and no knowledge of bagdad and a very uncertain future. The deportations have forced the remaining iraqis to go underground, and they are now being searched for by the danish authorities.
They need support now more than ever."

artist: Armsrock
location: Copenhagen, Denmark

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