Jerm IX's confession column (extract) + Andrew01's portraits of Jerm IX & his wife

Jerm IX's cascading confession column
"...and here's to finally screaming what you've never even whispered."

I've featured Jerm IX's 'Statements' series before, where words of wisdom, poetry or sentiments are placed around Vancouver.
I've also featured Andrew01's 'Portraits' series, which puts community members' portraits in context on the streets.

Recently Jerm IX & Andrew01 collaborated on a really powerful piece: a combination of Jerm IX's 'cascading confession column' (the second image is the full piece) with Andrew01's portraits of Jerm IX and his wife - bringing a face to the confession, and taking both to the community.

Jerm IX says:
"Creating and putting up the 'cascading confession' changed my life.
...and that is what street art, and all art should be about. being honest with ourselves."

artists: Jerm IX + Andrew01
location: Vancouver, Canada

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