ROA’s first monograph is a beautiful, comprehensive work — covering images from his his early work in Belgium, following his travels across the globe. By elevating native, overlooked animals in each location, he confronts people with the natural world that is — or was — all around them, in the most urban of spaces. 

I posted a lot of ROA work on unurth over the years, and his creativity, craft and fierce dedication to his agenda has his work stand the test of time. 

At this time when in some places, nature is retaking quieter urban landscapes, it seems a great moment to reflect on the beauty and wistful narratives behind ROA’s work. 

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artist: ROA


The project called "This too shall pass" started one year ago when we started building the big wood sculpture. A big 20 meters girl in meditation pose to be installed in Valencia city center for the Fallas (traditional celebration of the city). The big sculpture was built to be burned on the 19th of March, as a ritual. But due of Coronavirus crisis, Fallas had to be postponed, and the big meditation sculpture didn´t have its moment.

As a response to this crazy situation, we decided to add a big surgical mask to the face of the sculpture. Sudently this image became a symbol of peace and calm, unity and solidarity.

Because of public support, the Valencia governement decided to just burn the body of the sculpture and keep the face with the mask in the square, until this crisis ends.

artist: Escif
location: Valencia, Spain


Crying Animals, is the new photographic series of the artist Julien Nonnon, which makes us aware of the possible disappearance of emblematic animals from our mountains. More than a spotlight, literally, it’s a cry of the heart calling to save and showcase the beauty of the world that surrounds us. With his big and powerful projector, Nonnon wishes to make the public aware, by the ephemeral nature of his luminous frescoes, of the fact that the presence of these animals in these natural environments, is really threatened.

artist: Julien Nonnon
location: France


A show that proves invaders are great, but much happier in the wild. The show is at Over The Influence through Dec. 23rd.

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artist: Invader
location: Los Angeles