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artist: A1one
location: Tehran, Iran

"As humanists we are saddened and enraged by humanity's shortcomings: in this case, the abject and repugnant assassination of a young woman. What makes Neda so special are the circumstances of her death. Random and cruel, her execution goes against all basic human instincts and those values our species takes pride in defending." via: examiner

ABCNT has been pasting this image in Los Angeles in support of the momentum of outrage over the killing of Neda Soltan in Tehran.

artist: ABCNT
location: Los Angeles

When street art becomes even more important...

I've got to think pasting A1one's art is a brave thing to do right now. The second image is a stencil called 'Scream from the inside', for women's rights.
The third image is the green pens of protest; A1one has put over 600 of these up.

artist: A1one

location: Tehran, Iran
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