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A bilby in Pilbara, Western Australia.
Part of The Pilbara Project, supported by FORM, a non-profit organization promoting creativity in Western Australia

Kangaroo bones in Pilbara, Western Australia

Kangaroo + Emu, West Perth.
Images by Bill Shaylor for FORM

Platypus, Midland, Perth

An Australian still life, for the Outpost Festival on Cockatoo Island

Numbat, Fremantle

Santiago, Chile
ROA was in Chile as a guest of Mono Gonzalez, a local muralist who runs an open air gallery project with Roberto Hernandez, 'Museo A Cielo Abierto de San Miguel'.

Valparaiso, Chile.
ROA thanks his godchildren, Nona and Renaud

A flea, Valparaiso, Chile

Floridan Manatee, Miami - using the architecture for a dissection effect

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artist: ROA
locations: Australia + Chile + Miami



Midland, Perth

ROA was in Australia for a show by FORM and Skalitzers Gallery in Perth called 'Paradox'. Images of the show are available here.

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artist: ROA
location: Midland + Fremantle, Australia

Emu, possum images: courtesy of EPCAD
Platypus image: courtesy of FORM

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