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Bumblebee curated a great show at Carmichael Gallery in LA, which is up until April 7th.

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artist: Bumblebee
location: Burbank, Los Angeles

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artist: Jetsonorama
location: Tuba City, Arizona

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artist: Iemza
location: Reims, France

images by M.T.G.

From the Living Walls event; see all Gaia's locations in Atlanta.

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artist: Gaia
location: Atlanta

Pervasive London tagger Tox was recently convicted of criminal damage and faces jail.

In court, the prosecutor said:
"He is no Banksy. He doesn't have the artistic skills, so he has to get his tag up as much as possible."
So maybe when Banksy writes a Tox tag it's ok?

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artist: Banksy
location: Camden, London

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